Finding solutions to unmet needs in animal care

Orphelion stands for new molecules and formulations, in veterinary medicine. As owners of companion animals raise their expectation on what the care givers can offer of new and better treatments, Orphelions mission is to stand up to the future demands for modern animal care.


Orphelion is currently working on two major projects for pets. The first is pain management and the second is against acid reflux (GERD). Our medicines can eventually be used in dogs, horses and cats, but the focus now is on dogs. In the table below you can see our progress so far.

Lead indication

* addtional bridging studies are planned in a few cases, where data is availbale in rodents and man.

About Orphelion

Orphelion Pharmaceuticals AB is a Swedish limited liability company (Sw. Aktiebolag) poised to develop pharmaceuticals for unmet medical needs in animal care.The company’s senior management team have significant experience from the entire pharma value chain – from research through to registration, pricing, sales, marketing and logistics.
Orphelion has recently acquired the full rights, development and marketing to a compound with a novel mechanism of action, TT001. The original molecule has been synthesized and extensively documented by a major pharmaceutical company.
TT001 is a molecule which exerts its action through selective dose dependent receptor antagonism. It is believed to be a completely novel opportunity to effective and safe pain relief.
One area which Orphelion has identified as interesting is chronic pain and in particular osteoarthritis. This is clearly an unserved area where animals are treated with NSAIDs, in spite of several side effects. For dogs, the most common are; vomiting, loss of appetite, depression and diarrhea. Additionally,there are also serious side effects; gastrointestinal ulcer, liver, kidney failure and even death has been reported.

Management team

CEO and Co-Founder

Ulf Tossman

Ulf Tossman has a PhD in Pharmacology. Ulf has had executive positions in the international pharmaceutical industry, and has worked with company development in life-science. He served as chairman in Isconova (veterinary and human products) which was successfully sold to Novavax

Founder and Chairman

Claes Thulin

Claes Thulin has a Master of Business Administration. Currently Claes is chairman and Head of Development of the veterinary company Omnidea AB, Stockholm. Earlier positions include Investment Manager in Traction AB, Sweden and from 2002 to 2010 Claes was CEO of the publicly traded pharmaceutical company Biopahusia AB (NASDAQ Nordic).

Advisory board

BVM&S and PhD

Mr. Peter Wells

Mr. Wells has extensive experience in research and development of new vaccines and medicines for disease control and therapy in food-producing and companion animals having worked in the animal health pharmaceutical industry for almost 30 years.

During this time he held senior management roles which extended beyond research and development to include regulatory affairs, technical services and quality. Since retirement from his position as Global Head of Research and Development with Novartis Animal Health, Peter has held non-executive board positions including that of Chairman of GALVmed,. a global alliance that through its partners makes livestock vaccines, medicines and diagnostics available and affordable to resource-poor smallholder farmers in Africa and South Asia. Also, from 2008 until 2016 he was Chairman of Moredun Scientific Limited, a contract research organisation specialising in animal health and biosafety testing.

Initially graduating as a veterinarian from the University of Edinburgh, after studying further at Ontario Veterinary College, Peter was awarded a PhD in pharmacology and immunology.


Mr. Rolf Karlsten

Professor Karlsten is a board certified specialist in anaesthesiology and pain management. Professor Karlsten was working at AstraZeneca, initially as senior research physician and later as medical science director focusing mainly on analgesia projects. During his time at AstraZeneca he worked extensively with TT001. From 2013 professor Karlsten became head of the multidisciplinary pain center at Uppsala University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden. There is an intense research activity, focusing on translational science and clinical research in the area of chronic pain. Since March 2015 also head of rehabilitation medicine focusing on patients in need of rehabilitation due to neurological injury or disease.


Mrs. Anna Bergh

Professor Bergh is teaching and doing scientific research at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Uppsala Sweden. The main topic of research – Evaluation and rehabilitation of painful conditions in dogs, cats and horses. The research focuses on the assessment and treatment of pain and physical dysfunction, to increase the wellbeing of cats, dogs and horses. Professor Bergh aim to develop more sensitive diagnostic tools for Osteoarthritis (OA) by use of a pressure sensitive mat, diagnostic imaging (CT), pain and quality of life questionnaires, and genetic and biochemical markers. It is also to investigate the pain-relieving effect of different pharmaceuticals.

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